Here’s the dress I made for my local Renaissance Fair! It was inspired by this dress, pictured in a 15th century French manuscript illumination. The layers upon tightly-laced layers made it hard to do anything except sit up straight and get my family to do things for me, which was fine with me. ;) I received many compliments while walking around the Fair, which is super flattering considering all the amazing costumers there. 

Anybody crazy in love with this costume? You’re in luck, because it is now available for purchase from my Etsy store

8 notes?  Really folks, this is a gorgeous and unique design.  Nicely done.



I’m sure everyone is already AWARE that in the BIG HERO 6 trailer there is a SUPER SECRET cameo of PRINCE HANS in the police station on a wanted poster…


…but did you know that this ISN’T just a simple, fun little SHOUT OUT and is in fact all part of a much…